The main way the PTA raises money for the school is by running events throughout the year including the Christmas Bazaar and Summer Fayre. These events may be added to the Diary section under the 'News' tab.

The PTA also assists with organising volunteers to support non-fundraising activities that benefit the pupils.

2024 Events

Summer Fayre – Friday 21st June, School Field 15.30 - 18.00.

AGM - Tuesday 8th October, The Barn at 18.00

Fun Run - Wednesday 9th October during the school day.

Social event  (TBC) - Thursday 24th October.

Travelling book fair - Tuesday 12th - Monday 18th November, after school at pick up.

Christmas Bazaar - Saturday 7th December.

Christmas parties and discos – Monday 16th December.

2025 Events

Travelling book fair - Wednesday 5th - Tuesday 11th March, after school at pick up.

Social event  (TBC) - Thursday 13th March

Summer Fayre – date TBC.